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Here at Horse Lover’s Math you’ll find stories about a zebra that jumps, kids who train mustangs and a pony who was rescued from a tiny gravel beach in Wales.

With Horse Lover’s Math you’ll learn about the real world of horses and improve your math skills at the same time.

Math is used in all aspects of horse care, from feeding to a dressage judge’s scorecard, from the cost of tack to walking a trail class course. So sharpen your pencil, grab some paper and check out the site.

Horse Lover’s Math Club 

A Horse Lover’s Math Club membership gets you access to:

Answers pages

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Ask a horse expert

“Share Your Story’

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Members will also receive a Horse Lover’s Math Club membership card and 10% off Horse Lover’s Math workbooks!

The first Horse Lover’s Math workbook is due out in early 2014. Sample pages can be viewed here.

Memberships are $5/month or $50/year.

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