4 Ways to Groom for Health (Not Just Looks)

Grooming, at its core, is really about maintaining the health and soundness of our horse, not just making a coat shiny for a shiny coat’s sake. In fact, maybe ‘grooming’ isn’t the best word for what we do in those 20 minutes before and after our rides.

Deworming Your Horse 101

A common practice in barns today is to administer a dewormer to all horses every few months, rotating the class of dewormer used each time. However, the problem here is with parasite resistance. What’s the best strategy?

Can You Spot an Unhappy Horse?

One the most common problems in horse behaviour are those associated with a horse being pushed too far and the owner being unaware that the horse is too anxious or stressed to comply. Owners commonly tend to wait for a horse to engage in dangerous behaviours, such as bucking, biting, or bolting, before they recognize…

10 Things We Do That Puzzle and Scare Horses

Horses, like our dogs and cats, are familiar to many of us, be they racehorses, police horses, or much-loved pony club mounts. So it might surprise you that horses, in Australia, are more deadly than snakes, and indeed all venomous animals combined. An equine veterinarian is more at risk of workplace injury than a firefighter.…