Bits and Breathing in Horses

Dr. David Mellor, an animal welfare expert at Massey University in New Zealand, is doing research that looks at how bit use can impact breathing during exercise and what this means for equine welfare.

Horses Can be Innovative Problem-Solvers

A quarter of the 16 horses used in a German study proved to be innovative in their problem-solving. The findings point to the possibility that the most successful horses in the study were not necessarily born smart, but developed their abilities through exposure to enriched environments.

Everything You Need to Know About Equestrian College Scholarships

The first in a two-part series, this article looks at the collegiate equestrian opportunities in the US. The authors spoke with coaches and riders at some of the country’s top schools to give you the inside scoop on everything related to equestrian-based college scholarships. In this first article you’ll look at what these scholarships are…

How do Ranch Horses Fare After a Solid Day’s Work?

Pedro Henrique Esteves Trindade and his colleagues set out in a study to learn about the effects that work had on the body language of ranch horses in Brazil. The study team, writing in the open-access journal PLOS ONE, said that although ranch horses have an important role in Brazilian beef farms, almost nothing is…