The Jockey Club Scholarship

The Jockey Club Scholarship provides $15,000 ($7,500 per semester) to a student who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher at any university and has demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in the Thoroughbred industry.

The Evolution of Deworming Strategies in the Horse

Many horse owners are very committed to the regular and timely deworming of their horses. Oral paste dewormers have become a major staple in stables, tack shops, feed outlets and veterinary pharmacies and are readily available to the horse owner. Although this availability of paste and gel dewormers does seem ideal, the traditional practices of…

A Citrus Oil Supplement Might Have a Calming Effect on Horses

Timber Thomson, a graduate student at Sam Houston State University, evaluated a calming supplement containing citrus oil, magnesium, and yeast. In her study she compared seven young horses that received the supplement with seven young horses that did not (the controls). All horses were in a four-day-a-week training program throughout the two-month study period. The…

Horses Can Learn to Open Doors and Gates

If you’ve ever seen videos of horses opening locked gates and doors, sometimes even to let their friends out with them, you’ve seen scientific history in the making. Researchers found that horses can teach themselves to open a variety of locks and latches.