World-First Mobile Eventing Game

Some of the world’s leading riders and their horses are featured in a newly launched mobile eventing game that takes participants to the heart of the world’s most famous three-day events. Equestriad World Tour is a free to play mobile title that puts players into the world of equine care and equestrian sports.

Free Course on the Functional Anatomy of the Horse’s Back

“Functional Anatomy of the Back” is the latest course on offer from the FEI’s Equine Athlete Hub. The horse’s back plays a central role in almost every aspect of equine biomechanics. The interactions between muscles of the neck, back, trunk and pelvis play a crucial role in making horses the superb athletes that they are.

Horse Halter Designed to Help Para-Equestrians

Sara Yarger developed a revolutionary product for para-equestrians which has the potential to impact the lives of millions of people with and without disabilities. She designed MagnaHalter, an easy to use horse halter, with the dual purpose of giving greater independence to para-equestrians and making horseback riding more accessible to people with disabilities.

Unique Eventing Scholarship Offered at Transylvania University

Located in the heart of downtown Lexington, Kentucky is Transylvania University, a small liberal arts school that has an eventing team unlike any other. The support behind the eventing team comes from the University itself as it offers an ‘eventing scholarship’. This is the only known eventing scholarship offered at any university/college in the United…

Top 10 Tips for Memorizing Tests and Courses

It has happened to all of us – you’re trotting into the arena and aren’t sure which way to turn at C, or you’re cantering around the corner in show jumping unsure of which fence is next. For riders with multiple horses, it can be even more difficult to remember what test to perform or…