Exploring the Scientific Side of Dressage

Although the art of dressage merits full respect and should be maintained, it’s also important to have scientifically sound measurements to help bring a solid, objective view to what makes good dressage. A research team including Dr. Hilary Clayton reviewed existing studies quantifying elite dressage performance as the group works to establish a classifications system…

One Word That Will Change Your Relationship with Your Horse

We share such an incredible bond with horses, but don’t forget that horses don’t think like humans — they think like horses. When we attribute human emotions to horses, we’re often losing sight of the true motivations behind our horse’s actions. One easy fix is to remove the word “like” from your vocabulary.

Free Online Training Program for Horse Caregivers

The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada has launched an online training program in an effort to increase awareness around nationally developed guidelines for the care and handling of equines. The videos are structured around the 10 sections of the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines. They range from five to 40…

Racehorse Raised by High School Students Sells for 25 Million Yen

A racehorse bred and raised by local high school students in Shin-Hidaka, Hokkaido, sold for an eye-popping 25 million yen ($236,000) at auction. Students at the venue and those watching the event online from the school simultaneously erupted into applause the moment their racehorse named Kento was bought. The student handling Kento during the auction…

CRISPR Used to Create Embryo of First ‘Super Horse’

Researchers in Argentina have produced what is believed to be the world’s first genetically edited horse embryo. The team worked with cloned embryos using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, which enables scientists to edit portions of the DNA sequence precisely, to try to knock out the myostatin gene (MSTN), which negatively regulates muscle mass development.