Mobile App Connects Equestrians with Support Staff

The ShowAssist app helps professional equestrians, riders, owners or parents find experienced grooms, braiders, clippers, bodyworkers and other support staff at rated US Equestrian and Equestrian Canada shows. It requires no subscription and is free to post jobs and free to apply for work.

How Susceptible are Horses to Cold or Heat Loss?

Norwegian researchers have found that horses’ susceptibility to cold is individualized. Breed, genetics, body condition, coat type, exercise level, diet, age, and health all contribute to how horses lose heat—and how humans should manage that heat loss through blanketing, shelter, and feeding.

Can Computers Analyze Horse’s Facial Expressions?

Researchers are training a computer to automatically identify and track equine facial features that have been shown to change in response to pain. The computer will analyse videos of horses who have had recent surgery or are recovering from illness, to determine how these features change as pain relief is administered, and the horses’ conditions…