Survey Reveals Broad Acceptance of Bitless Bridles

The World Bitless Association, a British-based charity that represents the bitless community, has released the findings of its global horse sports training and tack survey for all equestrians. Most equestrians taking part in the survey (88%) felt that welfare would be improved by allowing bit-free horses to compete alongside bitted horses.

Horse Welfare Alliance Online Training Program

The Horse Welfare Alliance has launched an online training program encompassing a video series that covers the 10 sections in the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines, which range from pre-purchase considerations to end of career and euthanasia. The free program allows people to choose among the topics of interest at…

Researchers Use E-BARQ to Assess Horse Behaviour

For years, equitation scientists have worked to collect evidence-based data about horse behavior, management, and training. With the launch of a tool called E-BARQ, they might finally be able to achieve that goal. The online questionnaire allows owners, trainers, and industry professionals to evaluate and monitor horse behavior, training, and management over time.