10 Things We Do That Puzzle and Scare Horses

Horses, like our dogs and cats, are familiar to many of us, be they racehorses, police horses, or much-loved pony club mounts. So it might surprise you that horses, in Australia, are more deadly than snakes, and indeed all venomous animals combined. An equine veterinarian is more at risk of workplace injury than a firefighter.…

The Secret to Getting Your Horse on the Bit Naturally

Thankfully, all horses and ponies have a natural ability to be round and on the bit; it is already within them. We see it when they are excited in the paddock, where the body can freely express its most athletic posture.  This natural ability is accessible to us all, but not from the outside. It…

Virtual Kentucky Derby Museum

The Kentucky Derby Museum has come out with a Virtual Museum experience on their website. Each day they’ll bring you featured artifacts, fun facts, Oral History videos, Educational Lessons, activities you can do at home, and more!

Horse Owners Who Show Gender Bias May be Doing Harm

Research has shown that people in the horse industry have preconceived ideas about horse behaviour, temperament and rideability based solely on the sex of the horse. This gender bias could be harming the prospects of mares, researchers found, with some horse owners potentially overlooking the merits of mares and fillies, considering them bossy.