Mobile App Estimates Horse Bodyweight

Healthy Horse helps horse owners and professionals estimate horse bodyweight based on research-backed equations. To use the app, users select an equine breed type and enter the equine’s height, body length, neck and girth circumference, which then estimates the horse’s bodyweight and ideal bodyweight.

Horses Can Smile—in Their Own Way

Recent study results suggest horses have specific facial expressions that reveal positive emotions akin to “happiness,” in a sense. And while those expressions might not be the cheesy cartoon grin or the human ear-to-ear, they do represent the “equine happy face.”

University of Minnesota Equine Extension Program

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing hay for horses or how to best manage your pasture? What about how to feed your horse to best compliment their digestive system? Or, what to do with all of the manure your horse produces throughout the year? The University of Minnesota Extension program offers informative online…