Dream Riders Offers Scholarships for High School Volunteers

Juniors in high school who are looking for college scholarships may be interested in a new opportunity at Dream Riders of Kentucky. Dream Riders, a Philpot nonprofit that provides equine-assisted therapy to people with disabilities, has created a $1,500 scholarship for a student who volunteers at least 50 hours through November.

France Launches Online World Library of the Horse

France has launched an online World Library of the Horse with links to facsimiles of 8,249 equestrian books. The project aims to meet the requirements of librarians, specialists, and collectors, as well as to be active, informative, and educational for all those interested in horses.

Write a Winning Essay and Win a Horse Farm!

Tim and Maggie Lott have lived in their Victorian home for 18 years raising their two children and building their farm. They are ready to move and start a new adventure somewhere else. Instead of selling in the conventional real estate way, the Lotts are offering their property as the grand prize in an essay…

A Day in the Life of an Equitarian

In January 2016, veterinarian Ashley Leighton Kornatowski joined a team of 30 volunteers, including other veterinarians, vet techs, vet students, undergraduate students, PhDs, a saddler, and a farrier, on the Osa Peninsula, in southwestern Costa Rica, to perform a week of equitarian work.

Are Textbooks Wrong on Equine Body Temperature?

While books and other sources have stated “normal ranges” of temperatures for many years, there has been no recent published work examining whether these suggested normal values are representative of healthy horses. Enter Nottingham Trent University where researchers recently investigated the normal body temperature of horses in the Nottingham Trent University yard. The findings showed…