Are Textbooks Wrong on Equine Body Temperature?

While books and other sources have stated “normal ranges” of temperatures for many years, there has been no recent published work examining whether these suggested normal values are representative of healthy horses. Enter Nottingham Trent University where researchers recently investigated the normal body temperature of horses in the Nottingham Trent University yard. The findings showed…

Horse Gait Analysis: Eight-Point Sensor System Shows Promise

By collecting kinematic movement data wirelessly from the horse’s poll, withers, sacrum, sternum (underside of the barrel), and each leg, veterinarians and even judges could complement their visual assessments of horses in motion. Such a system could give critical information about lameness, neurological disorders, performance, and natural gaits.

An Old-Time Way to Tie a Halter on a Horse

Roger Lorenzi of Laramie, Wyo., a professional horseshoer and a fine team-roping heeler, learned to tie this halter from Oscar Marsh of the Wooden Shoe Ranch in Laramie. Oscar, who is 87, learned the tie as a kid from his dad. They used it on broncs; when tied correctly, it stays in place real well.