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pony express trail marker

The old historic Pony Express trail where it crosses Highway 93 in Nevada about 23 miles north of Ely.

It is that time of year again. Time for the Pony Express Re-Ride.

The re-ride’s purpose is to identify, re-establish and mark the original trail through the states it served, which included California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

About 700 members of the National Pony Express Association have teamed up to deliver mail in the historic fashion of the Pony Express.

It is a 10-day, 24-hour-a-day ride following the historic trail across the country. Riders travel in shifts, relaying a parcel of letters and personal mail.

The state of Nebraska accounts for about 500 of the trail’s 1,966 miles. How many miles of the trail runs through the remaining states? Write the answer in word form.

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Pony Express – Nevada by Mark Hillary; CC BY 2.0

Question of the Week: June 17, 2013

wild horses

Wild stallion Lazarus and part of his band.

The wild horse population in Alberta is estimated to be 778. The Wild Horses of Alberta Society is seeking protection for the animals, which live along the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies.

Horse herds in the wild can double every four years. Estimate the population in 8 years.

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Horsescd1l-095.jpg by BLM; public domain

Question of the Week: June 10, 2013

horse rainsheet sale sign

After a wet, muddy spring your horse needs a new rain sheet.

1. At the tack store the rain sheets are 25% off. You find one the right size for your horse at $69.95. With the rain sheet on sale, how much do you save?

2. How much will it cost at the sale price?

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Question of the Week: June 3, 2013

pony jumper

Emilie Rucci rode I Spy A Rainbow to win the NAL Pony Jumper class recently, which made her mount the Devon Pony Jumper champion.

Only two ponies qualified for the timed jump-off, and I Spy A Rainbow jumped clean in 30.727 seconds. Mist of a Champion and owner/rider Camilla Siekmann, also jumped clean and finished with a time of 32.039 seconds.

How much faster did Emilie and I Spy A Rainbow ride the course to win the championship?

Before checking your answer would you like to watch Emilie and I Spy A Rainbow ride the course?

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Question of the Week: May 27, 2013

How much oxygen did Secretariat consume during his 1973 record breaking win in the Belmont Stakes ?

While walking, a horse consumes 1 litre of oxygen a minute but at racing gallop the horse takes exactly 1 breath per stride and consumes nearly 60 litres of oxygen per minute.

In 1973 Secretariat set a record for running 1 1/2 miles in winning the Belmont Stakes. He did it in 2 minutes and 24 seconds. How many litres of oxygen did he consume during the course of this race?

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Image: Horse racing event by Tsutomu Takasu

Question of the Week: May 20, 2013

How Tall was Sampson?

The tallest horse ever recorded was a Shire gelding named Sampson. He was foaled in 1846 in England. By the time he was four-years-old he stood seven feet two inches tall. The unit of measurement for a horse’s height is hands. Calculate his height in hands.

Important Fact
1 hand = 4 ” (10.2cm)

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Calculating a horse’s height is a subject covered in the Grade 4 workbook.

cc licensed (BY 2.0) flickr photo shared by Just chaos