Mustangs at Las Colinas – Ratio in Art


Kids follow along as artist Robert Glen designs and creates the Mustangs of Las Colinas sculpture. Proportion and ratio in art. The beauty of horses captured and expressed using an understanding of math. Great STEAM worksheet for budding artists and kids with a passion for horses.

Equine Distance Learning

Equine Distance Learning

Based in England, Equine Distance Learning (EDL) is an organization providing online horse care courses that are professionally written, easy to follow and study, and offer excellent student support. Online distance learning allows you to study at home in your own time and at your own pace to improve your knowledge of all things related…

Stable Manament 2 title pgcost of owning

Level 2 Workbook, Section 5: Stable Management


How much does it cost to own a horse ? How much water do horses need to drink each day? What’s involved in meeting the hay needs for a barnfull of horses? By the time kids finish this section of the Level 2 workbook, they’ll know a lot more about what it takes to own and care for horses.