Unique Horseshoes Mimic Barefoot Benefits

Researchers tested the forelimbs of the eight horses. Hooves were given one of three treatments — barefoot, fitted with a conventional shoe, or fitted with a split-toe shoe. The conventional shoe was a standard steel shoe with a toe clip. The split-toe shoe is a new shoe designed to enable heel expansion. The shoe has…

Equine Emotional Intelligence

Horse owners often wonder if their horses are expressing emotions or equine emotional intelligence. While they may not have the same capacity for complex human emotions like shame, embarrassment, pride and guilt, there is evidence that horses feel pain, loneliness, grief, happiness or contentment, and other simple emotions.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Horsemanship

For almost a decade, the Montana Center for Horsemanship has partnered with the University of Montana Western in Dillon, Mont., to offer the nation’s first and only accredited four-year Bachelor of Science degree in natural horsemanship. Students can pursue two- or four-year degrees in natural horsemanship and customize their educational experience by choosing from four…

Building a Round Pen

Are you interested in adding a round pen to your facility? Horse people from different disciplines share advice for sizing, locating, and selecting footing for a round pen.

Horses and Higher Ed

You don’t have to put your equine enthusiasm on the back burner while you pursue an equestrian college degree. Horse Illustrated explains some of the common equine majors related to equestrian college degrees.

Ten Things We Do That Can Puzzle and Scare Horses

Some of our interactions with horses correspond to interactions between horses themselves. Giving our horse a scratch on an itchy spot or allowing them to rub their head against us, while frowned on by some trainers, mimics how horses behave together. But there are many other interactions which, from the horse’s perspective, are unusual or…