Which Horse Behaviours Indicate Friendship Best?

Horses are social animals. They like each other. They like being together. But it is a bit more complex than that. A more accurate version is that horses like some horses more than others, and they dislike some horses more than others as well. How do they show that preference? Mainly walking up to each…

Scientists Dressed Horses as Zebras to Learn What Stripes Are For

Why do zebras have stripes? For a long time, researchers assumed they were to confuse predators while zebras stood in herds. But increasingly, scientists are reaching a different conclusion: Stripes protect zebras from biting insects. To reach this conclusion, scientists tested their theory on a group of horses and zebras wearing different kinds of coats.…

Multilevel Structure of Horse Society Revealed in Drone-based Study

Evidence from a study using drones strongly indicates a multilevel structure in horse society. The study was undertaken in Serra D’Arga, Portugal, where about 200 feral horses live without human care. Researchers involved in the month-long study took aerial photographs of the horses at 30-minute intervals from 9am to 6pm in two specific zones.

Wound-Care Guide

Your horse comes in from the pasture with a gash on his knee. No problem. Your first-aid kit is filled with wound-care options, including plain old iodine and a product that promises to prevent proud flesh. But which one should you use?

‘Hard mouth’ vs. ‘soft mouth’

It is thought that a horse that pulls, leans and in other ways fails to respond quietly to rein pressure is called a ‘hard mouthed horse’, whereas a horse that is light and calmly responsive to rein aids is said to have a ‘soft mouth’. No horse is born with a hard mouth or a…