Care About Cushing’s Online Educational Resource

The Care About Cushing’s website is an online educational resource providing horse owners with extensive information on Cushing’s disease.The online resource includes monitoring tools, personalised alerts, owner guides and webinars and videos on useful techniques. It also provides downloadable self-assessment checklists on both Cushing’s disease and laminitis to take owners through which signs to look…

A Woman and Her Mule in the Backcountry

Today, riders continue to recreate in the wilderness, and teams of mules and horses still lug tools and supplies into the backcountry for trail maintenance and firefighting crews. In fact, the Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA), a 12,000-person network with volunteers in 31 states, is one of the nation’s most active organizations advocating for…

Exercise Crucial in Dieting Horses

The importance of low-intensity exercise for overweight horses on a diet has been shown in fresh research. The University of Melbourne study involved 24 horses and ponies, all of whom were assessed as overweight, with body condition scores of 7 or greater on a nine-point scale.

New Orthotic Gets Injured Horses Moving Faster

You know those sci-fi animals with bionics and cybernetic implants and stuff? This isn’t that, but it’s pretty cool. The FastTrack, with its high-grade metal, heat-formed pad and “golden dial” lets equine veterinarians choose the movement that’s right for a horse recovering from a soft-tissue injury.