Why Do Horses Wear Shoes?

Horses have been central to human transportation and agriculture for centuries. These symbols of power and speed require hoof care and new shoes every four to six weeks to stay on the job. But why?

The Best Way to Win a Horse Race? Mathematicians May Have the Answer

Mathematician Amandine Aftalion, has been analyzing the performances of human world champion runners like sprinter Usain Bolt. She’s found that short-distance runners tend to win when they start strong and gradually slow down toward the finish line. But in medium-distance races, such as the 1600-meter, runners perform better when they start strong, settle down, and…

How Can You Tell if a Horse is Happy?

Emotions in horses can be difficult to read. Horses don’t smile in the same way as humans and they can’t tell us if they are sad, miserable or in pain. So as riders and horse people, we have to learn how to figure out horses’ feelings.

Stable Vices vs. Coping Mechanisms

What looks like negative behavior can be your horse’s way of dealing with mental or physical stress. We all have our own ways of dealing with stress, setbacks, relationship woes, demanding workloads and all of the effects these discomforts bring to our minds and bodies. There are countless ways humans will try to distract themselves,…