Wilderness Camera Traps Used to Explore Wild Horse Welfare

Researchers have successfully used photographs and videos collected from camera traps to make welfare assessments of free-roaming wild horses. The researchers were able to identify a majority of the horses captured by the cameras, having applied a previously developed protocol for scientifically assessing the welfare of each animal.

How to Photograph Horses (Part one)

For centuries, horses have been drawn on the walls of caves, hung as paintings and tapestries on the walls of castles and carved into the earth on the side of mountains. They are a symbol of strength and beauty, and have been connected to and admired by humans around the world. Here’s how to create…

Do Horses Form Attachment Bonds With Their Owners?

Humans have a long and storied history with horses, from workers to companions, and this relationship is often one of love and affection – at least on the human side. Researchers from Linköping University, Sweden, set out to examine whether horses were actually capable of forming attachment bonds and reciprocating their owners’ affection.