Don’t Restrict Horses to Shelters in Hot Conditions

Common sense might say that if horses in hot, sunny conditions have access to a shade structure, they’ll use it. However, horses in these environments might not be a shelter-dependent as owners would think. Betsy Greene, MS, PhD, professor and equine extension specialist at the University of Arizona, and colleagues recently conducted a study to…

Group Housing Could Benefit Performance Horses

Is group housing a viable option for performance horses? Some trainers think not, believing group housing delays recovery and impairs performance. Swedish researchers set out to discover if this is true, carrying out an experiment involving eight adult Standardbred trotters.

Is Your Horse Hurting?

Somewhat unique among other species in the animal kingdom, horses can make facial and eye expressions that convey volumes if you understand what you are seeing. How you can use these expressions and body language to pick up on painful conditions your horse might be experiencing?

2020 AHP Student Award

The path to a career as an equine media professional could begin by entering the American Horse Publications’ Student Award Contest. American Horse Publications has been rounding up students with a career goal that combines their passion for horses and media for over 25 years. The success of this continued effort is a long list…