Multilevel Structure of Horse Society Revealed in Drone-based Study

Evidence from a study using drones strongly indicates a multilevel structure in horse society. The study was undertaken in Serra D’Arga, Portugal, where about 200 feral horses live without human care. Researchers involved in the month-long study took aerial photographs of the horses at 30-minute intervals from 9am to 6pm in two specific zones.

Wound-Care Guide

Your horse comes in from the pasture with a gash on his knee. No problem. Your first-aid kit is filled with wound-care options, including plain old iodine and a product that promises to prevent proud flesh. But which one should you use?

‘Hard mouth’ vs. ‘soft mouth’

It is thought that a horse that pulls, leans and in other ways fails to respond quietly to rein pressure is called a ‘hard mouthed horse’, whereas a horse that is light and calmly responsive to rein aids is said to have a ‘soft mouth’. No horse is born with a hard mouth or a…

Can Wolves and Horses Co-exist?

Does the conservation of the species justify the cost to those who have to live alongside a top predator? And from a horse riders’ point of view, does a wolf present a serious threat to an animal as large as a horse? The team from Equine Science Talk International delves into this topic in their…